Arthro Lab


Get rid of joint pain forever within 30 days!

  • Increases the efficiency of cartilages and joints regeneration
  • Relieves pain in short terms
  • Eliminates joint inflammation
  • Reduces joint swelling
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ARTHRO LAB is a unique product for joint inflammation.

Due to it's revolutionary composition formula, the product consists only of natural ingredients which makes the monodoses highly effective.

According to the medical research, Arthro Lab
is highly effective
in cases of:

Arthritis and arthrosis


Degenerative disc disease and osteopetrosis


Arthro Lab helps to fight a disease, not only mask the symptoms!

Arthro Lab monodoses alleviate pain and help to restore joint functions.

What are the consequences of joint inflammation?

Bone deformity

Agonizing pain


Complete inability to move

What diseases are associated with inflammation?

Disease Symptoms After-effects
Arthritis and arthrosis Symptoms generally include pain and decreased range of motion of the affected joints. Other symptoms may include redness and fever. Joint deformity. Bone tissue destruction. Complete inability to move.
Degenerative disc disease and osteopetrosis Periodic numbness. Back and spine pain. Chest pain. Spinal fractures. Hernias. Vascular malformations. Disability.
Bursitis Swelling of an affected joint. Joint immobility. Pain when touching an affected area. Redness around the swelling. Inflammation of bone tissue. Suppurative inflammation. Sepsis. Complete joint immobility.
Synovitis Limb stiffness. Discomfort, swelling. Increased size and deformity of an affected joint. Fever. Joint destruction. Paralysis. Sepsis. Cause fatal cases.

Warning! Deal with a disease, not its symptoms. PREVENT COMPLICATIONS OF JOINT DISEASE!

Take ARTHRO LAB within 30 days and forget about joint disorders once and forever!



  • Complex help
  • Restoring affected tissues
  • Fast pain relief
  • Eliminating pain causes
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Preventive treatment of joint and bone diseases

Wrong treatment of joint inflammation can cause dangerous complications. In order to prevent partial or complete paralysis start treatment as soon as possible!

Effectiveness of Arthro Lab was conclusively proven with the recent independent research.

In , 1700 volunteers who suffered from joint diseases of different stages of development took part in medical research. They had to use Arthro Lab within 30 days. According to the achieved results, the following statistics were obtained:

  • 97% of subjects alleviated joint pain
  • 84% of subjects got rid of joint disorders within a course of treatment
  • 66% of subjects became active again
  • 84% of subjects noticed better joint mobility than they used to have.

Expert recommendation:

People usually seek for help when the development of a disease has become dangerous to health. The biggest mistake is ignoring early treatment.

Moreover, it is very important to use correct remedies. Among all products, most of which possess only painkiller properties, I highly recommend Arthro Lab - the certified monodoses which had proven its effectiveness during clinical trials.

Due to the unique formula, active agents deeply penetrate into the affected tissues, eliminating the cause of a disease.

Arthro Lab is the natural product and it`s safe even for children.

Professor Fiehn

Acura Rheumatism Clinic, Baden-Baden GmbH

List of ingredients

Glucosamine Sulphate

Restores the structure of articular cartilage

Vitamin C

Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage and bones


Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and normal formation of connective tissue

Spiraea ulmaria, Meadowsweet

Helps severe cases of articular rheumastism

Get rid of pain, be active and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Start treatment right now to lead an active lifestyle!

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4 588 feedbacks:

Mr Thompson 46 y.o. Logistics manager

Two years ago I had severe elbow pain. I didn`t have time for seeing a doctor, so I used some creams which usually bought at the pharmacy, and it seemed to be alright. But then my elbow got swollen as if it was bursitis. I was so scared! Fortunately, my wife always takes care of me, so somewhow she found out about Arthro Lab and bought it for me. Within a few weeks the swelling was reduced, and I completely got rid of pain. Now I feel perfect!

Toriana 39 y.o. Self employed

Once I was diagnosed with cyst around the knee. My doctor was convinced that surgery was useless for that, and he couldn`t help me. So I visited another doctor who prescribed me Arthro Lab - 4 weeks course. After my first weeks I felt better, and within 30 days I completely got rid of pain. In 6 months I visited the hospital again where I found out that cyst was miraculously gone!

Audrea 54 y.o. Housewife

I broke my leg and then had to stay at the hospital for a long time. A doctor said that in such case joint pain is unevitable for me. To be honest, pain was unbearable and every movement was like a torture. I have started taking Arthro Lab for tissue repair. Surprisingly, I feel less pain, hope it will be even better soon.

John_07 27 y.o. IT engineer

When I went through back pain I didn`t pay too much attention to it until it got worse. Then I bought Arthro Lab and started my course. I used to add monodose to a glass of water each morning and drink it right after I woke up. In 3 weeks I was back on track!

Arthro Lab


Get rid of joint pain forever within 30 days!

Enjoy your life WITHOUT pain and discomfort

  • Increases the efficiency of cartilages and joints regeneration
  • Relieves pain in short terms
  • Eliminates joint inflammation
  • Reduces joint swelling
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